I'm Pascal, I recently moved to the USA and decided to resume my studies here in the United States.

As a newcomer, I had to catch up with a lot of things. I did a lot of research, I interviewed students, or former students, spent hours analysing universities' websites, and so on. I wanted to deeply understand how life as a student in the United States really is. From selecting the best university to obtaining a degree, through the labyrinths of students' loans or dealing with the cultural shock.

This blog provides you with some useful practical advices to start your journey through the US university system the best way possible!

In short, all the things I would have liked to know before starting university.

You'll find a basic guide, a presentation of the top 5 ranking universities, but also, testominals from various students or useful tips for your day to day life as a (foreign) student.

This journey will be one filled with great memories. Enjoy it and be safe.