Studying in the US: A basic guide, Part 1. Introduction

Studying in the US: A basic guide, Part 1. Introduction

Studying in the United States is a dream for many people. This dream, once fulfilled often brings a great feeling of accomplishment and joy. In wanting to study at a University, whether locally or overseas similar things must be thought of and put in place.

If you are wondering what are the most basic things you need to know and do before embarking on your journey then you are the right place. Below you will find the what, where and how of studying in the United States (US).


The very first question I pose to you is what are you going to study? Knowing what you are going to study is by far the most crucial question when looking into higher education. This question is important because getting a degree is not only about what you like or prefer to study but also about what jobs are available and what are the priority areas of study for your region. Take some time to research the most needed areas of study for 2019 onwards. Once this is done then you are ready for the next step.


Where will you study? This question is very important for students wishing to study in the US. Majority of Universities in the US offer a wide range of degree programs to choose from. However, you may find that some schools are well know for some fields and may be the school of choice simply because of that program. For instance, Harvard University offers many programs but they are well known for their law faculty, Harvard Law School. Knowing which one suits you might be a tedious task but we are here to help. Once you have decided on a topic, you may visit the next few articles in my series which describes different Universities in the US and their degree programs.


The how of studying in the US is not only very important but may be the factor between you embarking on this journey or choosing a different path. The first How deals with qualifications. How will you get accepted into the University? It is important to note that most Universities in the US choose students based on scores from a standardized test. At the undergrad level, schools require you to be successful in the SAT exam which is a general exam covering writing, critical reading and mathematics. At the graduate level, GRE is required. This test has a general format which is required of all applicants and then some colleges require a specialization in your field of choice such as GRE Psychology before acceptance.

Once you are qualified, you must now think of Finances. How will you pay for your studies? In thinking of this you must include; the cost of your tuition. Note that, some programs offer loans and scholarships to international students as well as your own local government may offer some as well. This area will be explored more in the rest of the series. Another cost that you must think of is Housing? Where will you live in the US? Do you have family and friends or will you need to live on a dorm? All these things must be considered. Lastly, do not forget to include cost of airfare, new wardrobe to suit your change of climate (if any), getting around in the US and enough for general upkeep until you get settled in your new school.

We are just as excited as your for this journey. Keep up with our series. Until next time.

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