Studying in the US: A basic guide, Part 2. Priority areas of study in the US

Studying in the US: A basic guide, Part 2. Priority areas of study in the US

When applying for Universities the big question is always, what are you going to study? This decision is a very important one and must be taken very seriously. It is not uncommon for college students to complete their studies then find themselves unemployed.

One of the main reasons for this is the fact that many people get degrees in areas that a vastly over populated and therefore not in demand. In a effort to prevent you from joining the long line of unemployed college graduates, I have prepared this short list of some of the priority areas across the world.

Behavioral Sciences

The first area I want to highlight is studies in behavioral sciences. Behavioral sciences is a field of study heavily influenced by society. It includes areas of study such as psychology, anthropology, sociology, social work and public health. As the world becomes more advance, there is the need to understand human behavior now more than ever. People are the world, if there are no people in the world then well I am not sure what it would be. WIth that being said, this field is one that has great prospective. If you are interested in this area it is important that you connect with various organizations that offer volunteer and internship programs. Experience is key.


Continuing from the first field of study and how its important because of advancements in the world, same is the need for studies in energy. As the world’s population steadily increases it become pertinent that people are equipped with studies in Energy. This is because more people equals increased use of the resources available. Also, with global warming on the rise it is very important that countries fine alternate source of energy. Hence the need for this area.

Food and Agriculture

Food is the source of life. Again, as the world’s population increases the need for better, organic and advance farming practices is needed. Without food, there is no life. Therefore, studies in food and agriculture will always be a booming market. In addition, there is the growing need for finding ways to ensure that people are eating healthy and have good health practices. If you have interest in this field you should conduct research of which area is right for you. Studies can be conducted in areas such as food chemistry, nutrition, agriculture and food studies.

Connecting Cultures

The world has always been a complex placed, divided by cultures, language and other factors. This divide is caused by a lack of understanding amongst people of different cultures. This lack of understanding, transcends into fear and then leads to more problems. Due to this, there is increased need to push globalization forward by finding ways to connect cultures. This area is very broad and most people can find something that suits them. Degrees falling in the category are international studies, language studies, religious studies.


Engineering is the application of science and the way by which many things operate, are developed and created. This area is very broad, offering areas such as Biomedical Engineering, Structural Engineering and Environmental Engineering. This area is a booming one that is well indeed of academics like yourself. If you have interest in this year you will benefit from internship and volunteer opportunities. This will boost your qualifications thus making you more likely to be accepted by the best universities that offer top notch programs in this area.

This list is just a guide to get you thinking in the correct mindset. Use it or help in finding the perfect area for your studies.

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