This is my story: I am a plumber who got his MBA online

This is my story: I am a plumber who got his MBA online

I came to the United States as a plumber on a work program. From an early age, I knew I wanted to be a plumber. After high school, I took practical plumbing course in my hometown then began working. After a year, I saw an opportunity to travel to the United States and work as a plumber for a year. I immediately took this opportunity. While in the US, I saw that many plumbers were getting a degree in plumbing. I then decided that I too would get my degree in plumbing.

I applied for an online plumbing course. I got accepted and began my 4 year online plumbing program. It was because of this program that I was able to stay in the United States as an international student.

The program I was enrolled in required me to work and this was great for me. Working while studying, has given me so much opportunities. It helped to fund my studies, it helped with my weekly upkeep and it also allowed me to gain much needed work experience. I must say the decision to do that online plumbing course was one of the best decisions I have ever made.

The plumbing industry is one that had a shortage in the United States. Sometimes, there would be hundreds of jobs with no one to apply for them. This only shows how important it is for us to research various fields before making an educational commitment. After taking the online course, I was not only more experienced but I was qualified to work at some of the top levels for huge companies. I was also able to teach my skills to other people. But, that was not it for me.

After a few years, I decided to get my MBA. The plumbing industry was booming and I knew that I needed something else that would allow me to stand out. I chose to get my MBA as it would be a great compliment to my plumbing degree and also it would allow me to own and operate a business. After successfully completing my course which was also online, I was able to transform my business. Now, instead of just being a plumber, I own a plumbing contractor company. I have a team of young plumbers who work for me and together we ensure that no plumbing needs are left undone.

That is my story. I shared it with you because I want to encourage you to take your future into your hands. Study in a place that will not limit your potential and never forget to give back to where you are from. Best wishes.

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