This is my story: I am a software developer/CTO who develops and sells chatbots and conference call solutions for business.

This is my story: I am a software developer/CTO who develops and sells chatbots and conference call solutions for business.

If you told me a few years ago that I would be a successful software developer, I would not have believed you. My education and career started a tab bit later than many of my colleagues. I began my Bachelors at the age of 25, as you may know this is rather late for someone to start such programs. Like many people, I could not afford my studies after high school and pre-college, hence, I chose to enter the working world. I got a job with a small repair company and that was where I discovered my love to technology.

I worked with this company for a few years before applying to get my first degree. I chose to apply within the United States because it had always been my dream to travel to the United States and visit my friends and family. Studying in the United States gave me the opportunity to do both (get my degree and see my family). Although, I was successful in the end, it was very hard for me to begin studying in the United States. This was because I lacked information. After getting the right advice, I applied and was accepted into a technical school. The University I attended allowed me to connect with the right minds, some of whom are my business partners today.

After completing my education, I choose to remain in the United States and start a business. Presently I develop chatbots and conference call solutions. Chatbots are basically internet robots who operate as customer service agents. These bots help companies to engage more with their customers and as a result boost sales. Before now, this industry was not very profitable. However, with increased social networking and the growing online community many companies have realized that chatbots are more efficient to them.

You see, I always knew that studying technology would be a great and noteworthy move. I did my research. I did not want to be educated and unemployed so I chose a field that was in high demand with low supply. It also benefited me because certain professions are easier to get work visas for than others. This is important when you are considering to live in the US. After your student visa expires, you must either apply to update your status or return to your home country. I encourage you to plan ahead and make the best decision.

Studying in the United States as an international student was not easy but it was worth my time and the money spent. I hope this imparts on you in some way. All the best.

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