This is my story: I am a successful accident attorney in California

This is my story: I am a successful accident attorney in California

It is with great pleasure that I write, sharing my story with prospective international students wanting to study in the United States. My story started out similar to yours. After completing my high school and pre-college studies, I decided that the best place to further my education was in the United States.

Initially, I was unsure of what I wanted to study and where. I just knew, it had to be in the United States. When I started my journey, I was not fortunate to have a website such as this one which provided guidance for me. You are truly blessed to have such a plaform so I empower you to make the best of it.

Not knowing what I wanted to study or where was very stressful for me. After a while, I decided to apply for a few popular Universities in the United States. I choose to apply for law school because majority of my high school education centered around the arts. Following my application, I got accepted into an undergraduate program from which I went directly into a law program. From there my life began.

The program I was enrolled in, provided many opportunities for internships and as such I was able network and build lasting friendships. These friendships allowed me to get a job as an attorney immediately after my graduation. This catapulted my career.

I have learnt that, hardwork and dedication is key to being successful. At my first job, I worked effectively and efficiently, as such I was able to climb the financial ladder. Today, I am a successful accident attorney, based in Los Angeles, California. At my firm, I offer legal services for auto and truck accidents, motorcycle accidents, hit and run accidents, bicycle accidents, dog bites, wrongful death, slip and fall accidents and many others. My job is my passion, I take pleasure in what I do and I am grateful that I got the opportunity to do what I do.

Studying in the United States changed my life, it opened up my prospects and offered me endless possibilities. For this reason, I encourage you to make this same step in your life, you will see the benefits. I also encourage you to have fun, network and make the best of your university experience.

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