Universities in the US: Harvard University

Universities in the US: Harvard University

Falling second on the list of top Universities in the United States is Harvard University. The University was founded in 1636 and carries the name of their first benefactor John Harvard.

Harvard University is located in Cambridge, Massachusetts. This area is a city and was once considered to be the 5th most populated in the State. This area has much to offer and you can definitely see yourself having a really good time living in this area. Harvard University is the alma mater to eight (8) US presidents and many famous people including Former US President Barack Obama, actor Matt Damon and CEO of Facebook Mark Zuckerberg. What this means is that you will possibly be studying at a university with a huge legacy. Harvard University is a private Ivy League University that is known for groundbreaking research.

The University typically has over 6,000 undergraduate students enrolled each year. As for the graduate level, their enrollment is generally over 15,000 students. The school has 13 faculties but are most famous for Harvard Law School, Business School, school of Engineering and John F Kennedy School of Government. Being that Harvard is such a aged institution, they are also know for their book collection. If you love to read and find out more about history then Harvard is definitely the place for you. Apart from academics, Harvard is known for its competitiveness in Football.

Studying at Harvard University will cost approximately $50,400. Similar to other universities, this cost is for tuition and fees such as registration and overhead costs. As an international student, you may be required to pay additional fees and tuition. Although the tuition is costly, The University offers many financial aid programs as well as financial advising. On campus housing is also provided by the University. They have 12 dormitories in which undergraduate students resides. These residences are equipped with all students needs to have a great life living in the United States. It is recommended that international students take up residence on campus during their first year of study. When studying in a new country the last thing you want to worry about is your safety. As such, staying on campus is a great way to avoid unnecessary problems. After becoming accustomed most students may prefer to move from on campus to a close off campus resident.

At Harvard, it is very important that you engage and network as much as you can. Harvard has a line of legacy and very successful people. This is a good place to make your mark on the world so take advantage of it. There are many clubs and societies that students can join for purposes of self development and socialization. If Harvard is the right University for you then you should conduct further research then start their application process. Undergraduate students must have scores from the standardized test (SAT) before applying. You can learn more about the SAT’s by reading part 3 of the basic guide to studying in the US. Harvard is a fantastic university with a rich history. You will enjoy your time there.

Harvard University - Official website: “Harvard University is devoted to excellence in teaching, learning, and research, and to developing leaders in many disciplines who make a difference globally. Harvard University is made up of 11 principal academic units.”

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