How to suggest a fronton?

To add a fronton on, and so enhance the database*, specify the geographical location of the fronton and attach some pictures.

First of all, take time to verify that the fronton is not already listed on the website doing an address research or seeing the world map.

To ensure good quality of information presented on, all suggestions of fronton will be studied by moderators before being published on the website.

Location of the fronton

First step: Enter address of the fronton. Then click "Search"

Second step: Move fronton's icon using the mouse. Don't hesitate to zoom in to get the most accurate location possible

Photos of the fronton

Add a photo
You can add up to a maximum of 6 phots for a fronton. Only files in JPEG format weighing less than 6MB are accepted.

Category of the fronton

About you

Everything you share with us remains strictly confidential and will under no circumstance be shared, sold, rented to third parties. This information will never be used for any reason other than its intended use.

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